Coloring tutorial #7


coloring tutorial requested by anonymous

Note!! - This coloring obviously doesn’t work on all pictures. ofc you need to adjust them. This coloring will involves many textures to be play around with. other example:

Step 1: Open up your picture. I’m using this one. 

Step 2: Go to layer>new adjustment layer>selective color

Colors: Reds

0, 0, -10, -10


Step 3: Open this texture on photoshop, drag the layer to your picture. set the blending mood to screen, opacity 80% and fill 100%


Step 4: Go to layer>new adjustment layer>photo filter

Choose color and enter #855b20


Step 5: layer>new adjustment layer>color balance

tone: Midtones

0, -16, 0


Step 6: Go to layer>new adjustment layer>gradient map

choose black and white gradient map


set it as overlay, opacity 100% and fill 70%


Step 7: Go to layer>new adjustment layer>brightness/contrast

2, 20


Step 8: Open this texture on photoshop, drag the layer to your picture. set the blending mood to screen, opacity and fill 100%

Step 9: I add up glow texture which you can do that by using brush tool. create a new layer(layer>new>layer), choose white on the color picker and just brush off around the left corner. change the blending mood to screen. decrease the opacity to around 70% 

Step 10: remember you can always adjust the setting above!! when you’re satisfied with the results, flatten the image (layer>flatten image).

  • you’re done! any questions just ask me :)

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