Graphic tutorial #13 lets get started

Step 1: Open up 7 pictures. 6 for the background and 1 for the centre. I get all the pictures above from here.

Step 2: Crop and resize your six pictures to 245px and height 150px. After that you can sharpen/topaz the pictures and add coloring/psd or even textures.

Step 3: Go to layer>new. width 500px and height 475px. Background contents: transparent.

Step 4: On your six pictures, one by one, at the top of photoshop go to select>all then edit>copy merged. Go to the layer in step 3 and click edit>paste. Repeat the step until you obtain this result. After that, go to layer>merge visible.

Step 5: For the picture at the centre, I use this picture. Cut the background using whatever tool you’re comfortable with. Make the background transparent like this:

Step 6: Go to layer>new adjustment layer>gradient map. Choose black and white. then on the gradient map layer, right click and click create clipping mask. your layer should look like this:

Step 7: At the top of photoshop go to layer>merge visible. Create new layer, layer>new>layer.

Step 8: At my picture, i want to highlight her lips and dress. So on the color picker, i choose red. I zoom in the picture and paint her lips with red. After you’re done, change the blending mood from normal to color. Everytime you want to highlight something, the first step is make a new layer and then paint it with whatever color you want.

Step 9: After you’re done in step 8, go to layer>merge visible. then go to select>all then edit>copy merged. Go to your layer where you put the six pictures and put it at the centre. or doesn’t have to be at the centre. its up to you. (make sure you already resize the picture before pasting it into other document, of course you don’t want the picture to be too small or too big)

Step 10: For the final touch, i add up film texture by going to filter>texture>grain. choose film and here and my setting:

Step 11: Then i go right click at the centre picture and go to blending option. mess around and adjust the setting. I choose outer glow, here are my setting:

Step 12: Save your picture. I recommend to save it as .png format. :)

I hope you like it, it seems a bit complicated but hmm… it’s a bit easy! So if you’ve any difficulties send me a message and i’ll try to answer as soon as possible! Good luck!!! xx

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