Making gifs in photoshop

This is how i make my gifs in photoshop!

First all you need is a video. MP 4 video. go to youtube, find a video then download it using don’t forget to download it in mp4 format.

Step 1: Open up your photoshop. Upload your video by going  to file>import>video frames to layer.

Step 2: Something will pop up. now follow my setting.

Step 3: go to the parts of the video that you want. after you have choose the parts that you want, hold down the shift key while moving the slider or clicking the arrows on your keyboard. once you’ve done that, click ok.

*remember: when you hold down the shift key, a dark gray will appear. that shows the beginning and the end of your gifs.

Step 4: After you click ok. go to window>animation. make sure you’re on the animation frames not on the animation timeline.

Step 5: Now delete the parts that you don’t want by clicking the frames and the little rubbish icon just below the animation frames. (x)

Step 6: you can change the time of you gifs by clicking the little arrow below your frames.

Step 7: Change the size of your gifs by going to image>image size.

* for me i set the width to 250 px. make sure you tick the constrain proportion, scale styles and resample image. it’ll automatically update your gifs height size,

Step 8: After you’ve done adjusting the gifs. save it by going to file>save for web & devices and click save.

NOTE: after you click file>save for web & devices. you’ll also see the size of your gifs. make sure it’s UNDER 500K or else the gifs won’t work when you upload it on tumblr.

If it’s over 500K change the color setting if you want. it can reduce your gifs size but the color ”quality” is low (x)

you can also desaturate the gifs, delete every second frames, and make the gif smaller in height.

-this tutorial may look a bit complicated, but trust me if you’re familiar with photoshop you’ll getting use to it. it’s very easy! :D like the post if its helped you. just ask me if you’ve any difficulties :)

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