How to make nebula gifs

example of nebula gifs (x)

tutorial request by anon. 

I’m gonna use this as my main picture (x)

and this is my nebula pictures. I only use 2 pictures. you can add more if you want (x) (x)

Step 1:  Open your photoshop as well as your pictures. resize your main picture if you want.

Step 2: On your nebula pictures. drag it to your main pictures. {both of them} your layer on the main pictures should look like this. (x)

Step 3: Now set both of the nebula pictures from normal to softlight. (x

Step 4: at the top of photoshop, go to window>animation.

Step 5: Click the small icon just below the animation frame (x) another layer should pop up.

Step 6: on the first animation frame, select only one nebula pictures from the layer like THIS. and do the same for another frame. (x)

Step 7: Now change the time on the animation frame from 0 sec to 0.1 sec. (x)

Step 8: Now using the eraser tool, erase over the subject. erase individually. 

Step 9: go to file>save for web&devices. save it and you’re done!

my final result;

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